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Now Accepting Presentation Ideas

Presentation ideas will be accepted for the 2015 National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo through July 3, 2015. Presentation ideas and poster abstracts may be submitted in one of two tracks:

Track 1: Cellulosic & Advanced Ethanol
Track 2: Biodiesel & Other Biomass-based Diesels

Each presentation idea and poster abstract will be reviewed by a steering committee of qualified industry professionals by July 13, 2015. Speaker presentation ideas acceptance and rejection e-mails will be delivered by July 20, 2015, and the preliminary agenda (all technical breakout sessions) will be posted online by July 27, 2015.

Submit Speaker Presentation Ideas Here    View Specifications for Speaker Presentation Ideas

Have additional questions? Please send inquiries to:

Tim Portz, Vice President of Content
BBI International

Specifications for Speaker Presentation Ideas

Specificity: This is crucial for technology or process related abstracts. Make sure your presentation idea promises to convey, in specific terms, how a technology, system or process will improve production, reduce costs, and/or increase value. The abstract should promise to compare a new approach to an old way of doing things, or highlight process/production improvements or technological breakthroughs.

Relevance: The presentation idea should indicate that the presentation will highlight something that will make significant near-term impacts in its given area to a majority of the affected facilities/crops/processes/projects in the region.

Detail: While abstracts do not include schematics, photos, graphics, spreadsheets or pro formas, the abstract should indicate that the speaker will illustrate the effect of the technology/process/business approach by incorporating such visual tools into the presentation.

Understandability: If there are very complex processes or scientific/economic ideas being presented, the abstract should indicate that measures will be taken to make the information understandable (within reason) to a diverse spectrum of conference attendees?

Word Count: While there is technically no limitations on the length of your abstract, we ask that it be 200 to 400 words in length.

Have additional questions? Please send inquiries to:

Kolby Hoagland, Program & Data Manager
BBI International

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